The Flying 'M Athletic Club has opened up the application period for the 2019 George Tanner Memorial Scholarship.  Applications are due November 15, 2019.


The application form can be found at the following link:


Please visit the George Tanner Memorial Scholarship Section on our website.


In September of 2004, the Flying ‘M’ Athletic Club assembled a committee to develop the criteria and selection process for the new George Tanner Scholarship.   In May 2017, Flying ‘M’s head coach passed away.  George left us a legacy of sport, knowledge, dedication, commitment and laughter.


The Scholarship is distributed through the Winnipeg Foundation directly to the educational institution the recipient is attending.  This $400.00 scholarship is awarded annually.


The goal of the Scholarship is to alleviate some of the financial stress of student-athletes who wish to continue their track and field training while attending a post secondary institution.

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